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Attempting New Age Music

2008-07-24 13:27:04 by DJAirWave

It seems as if my techno music really isn't the best. So I decided to attempt making some New Age songs for a bit and see how that goes. The first New Age song I will be posting will be Morning Glow. I would deeply appreciate the votes when the song is finally uploaded. But, I really don't like people who smite my songs without giving me a reason why they gave it such a low vote. So, if you give the song a good vote, then tell me what about the song made you vote it a 3-5. If you give it a vote of 2 or below, please tell me the improvements I can make in the song, thank you.


Edit: Morning Glow is now up on Newgrounds. If you vote on it, please give a comment to the video! Thanks!